Desk of Brad


The Bumps Are What You Climb On

Hi All, 
There are challenges in our business – there always have been and always will be. The strength of the team and in each of you is the ability to overcome those challenges. You’ve done great work for our clients, and I’ve seen this team pour their heart and soul into each account. 
There are many new projects and initiatives within our accounts right now. I’d say in many ways we have more opportunities now than ever. The work that we’ve done over the last quarter is some of the best ever produced by this company. You should all be very proud of your work. 
As we drive to consummate these new projects and roll out the new account and delivery model we are going to have some bumps along the way. We work for big clients, with complex organizations…and getting to yes, while more effectively organizing ourselves is hard work. We’ve changed a lot of things in the last quarter and I see the momentum in our business. 
On a side note hopefully, you all saw the new branding today… I am very excited about that! 
In order to realize this opportunity, in order to continue the transformation at Tahzoo, I need each of you to push hard and not leave any options or conversations unaddressed. It doesn’t matter if the challenge is within Tahzoo and how we are executing, or within the client… you have to speak up and help create the right outcome. Silence is often perceived as an acceptance; we need to hear your voice. 
There is an old but favorite book of mine, ‘The Bumps Are What You Climb On’. The moral of the story is that if life was smooth there’d be nothing to hold on to as you climbed the mountain. Let’s pull each other up and get to the top of the mountain. Time to pull together and be heroes!!! 
Let’s go be great,