Desk of Brad


The new Tahzoo

Hi Everyone, 
We launched a new today… Yeah!!! Not a full site redesign – we made updates and changes to give our brand a new look and feel. Please visit the site this weekend and if you see something that needs attention, please pass your observations along to Eddie. 
Coming out of COVID we have had some good new account wins, but not nearly enough. Between the natural completion of existing projects and some quality and customer satisfaction issues, we are not growing our existing accounts as expected. We are also not winning enough new accounts to fill in the gaps and accelerate our growth. We should be seeing growth numbers in the 30% to 40% range for the year. 
A couple observations that I’d like to share: 
We have improved our case studies, we’re launching a new site, and we have several outbound direct marketing campaigns in progress. While I expect that we’ll continue to improve and attenuate our outbound marketing, that will never be a substitute for thoughtful and meaningful conversations with our clients, their personal goals and projects down the road, are a simple and easy way to find new opportunities for Tahzoo.  
We don’t need everyone in the company to become business development experts, far from it. What we need is for each of you to feel comfortable talking with your clients about how we might be able to help. Ask about their martech stack, what is working well, and where they are missing their numbers. If you sense an opportunity, just drop a note to Darrell or your Experience manager. 
The power of our company is that we are a boutique firm that offers many if not all of the services of others, we are just better and are less expensive than our competitors. We play on the A basketball court; we really are the best at what we do and I would take Tahzoo over our competitors any day of the week. We are not only a great shop, we are able to change our engagement model to fit our clients’ culture.  Take a look at our new case studies and our client roster on the website. 
If you have a complex customer experience challenge and you need a firm to help to drive change and deliver on a vision, then we’re the team for you. So get out there and ask a few questions the next time you have a moment with your client.  
Let’s go be great!