Desk of Brad


Another Great Week…

I hope you had a great week too… We have been making good strides towards building the new Tahzoo. I realize that it can’t all be great and that all of us have good weeks and tough weeks, but for me, it was a great week. I am seeing our strategy take hold and I’ve received some very positive client feedback which is always meaningful. As we reshape the company and try to organize ourselves to be more customer-centric, it’s important to remember we are tackling these challenges because we won’t do better work for our clients, we want to have a company we can all be proud of and a place where each of us can grow and learn. 

I appreciate all the hard work and dedication demonstrated by each of you in the service of our clients. We are a company of Smart and Happy people, let’s continue to grow and sponsor that ideal throughout the company. As I look at Q4, we’ll be hiring lots of new team members within Tahzoo. Make sure we perpetuate the ideals that got us here in the first place. 

Next week, I’ll be in Seattle meeting with our team and visiting some clients. I am expecting another great week… I hope you are too! 

Let’s go be great!