Desk of Brad


Tahzoo is in a Great Place!

Hi Everyone, 

I just finished a fantastic town hall in Milton Keynes with the UK team. We had a great event and it was really a pleasure to spend time with such a talented and enthusiastic team. They have committed to building a 200 hundred person business in the UK! I of course would like that done by the end of the month, however they pushed back a bit.. so we’ll compromise on a couple of years. We are in such a remarkable place, we have great people, great clients and so much opportunity.. it’s really up to us to make great things happen! 

On Monday morning I’ll be sending out an extended email with a new organizational chart. We have worked hard over the past few weeks to define the new Tahzoo World Wide company. This is a big step in harmonizing the company towards our goal of becoming the market leader in customer experience management. I email to you today is abbreviated, I’ll have a lot more to share on Monday. Have a great weekend…  

Let’s go be great!