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Brad Meets England’s PM

Team Tahzoo, 

The joke at our leadership off-site this week was me asking everyone what they were doing on Friday and when they asked me, I would share that I was meeting with the Prime Minister of England. Yes, you heard that right, David Cameron in the flesh. This morning, I was one of about 10 people representing relevant US companies and was joined by top investors in the region and a selected group of UK Cybersecurity companies that accompanied the PM on his visit.  We met at the 1776 innovation labs. I had an opportunity to share that we are a thriving CX agency that recently expanded into the UK. I was also able to ask him his thoughts on enriching the highly educated and technical talent pool in the UK to support our investment there as we continue to grow. It was a GREAT conversation and I felt supercharged! I have this picture as proof of the meeting 🙂 

While at our off-site, when all jokes were put aside, I shared with the team how I am seeing this convergence happening in the marketplace where computer processing speeds are increasing faster and faster and the algorithms in place to understand human behavior have never been stronger. It will be about asking the right questions to get to the right outcomes. This is what we need to help our clients do – get to the right questions to be asking about their brand so that we can build the right experiences for the right audiences to yield those outcomes. It’s no doubt that I have intense curiosity as do many of you. I want to encourage you to be thinking about this convergence and welcome you to send me an email with your thoughts on it or any other interesting curiosity you may have. 

I also shared that in 2015 I want there to be more of a focus on the innovation we bring to the marketplace. I want the whole company to know the “sandbox” work we are doing and I want the marketplace to see just how we have been able to apply different ways of thinking to solve business problems. I know there is a lot of work happening as we speak – let’s make it public, as this innovation is the soul of our company

The leadership team then reviewed our 2015 plan, our budgets, our delivery models, our insight work, our sales, and the marketing pipeline. From where I sit, last year was about building the foundation. This year it will be all about adoption and outcomes – for us and for our clients as we continue to thrive and change the way business is done. The payoff is going to be huge and I’m super excited to get down to it. 

And while these are just a few items from our planning off-site – many more details of our 2015 plan with being presented at our in-person All Hands next month. Look for details on that agenda soon.