Desk of Brad


Intelligent Content Transforms Customer Experiences

“The more you read, the better you’re going to become as a storyteller.” 

– Stan Lee 

Hi Everyone, 
As I mentioned in my Desk of Brad last week, we had a very successful SDL Connect event. During my speech, I spoke about the impact of technology on society and the natural evolution we’ve all experienced as part of the information age. In many ways, this talk is an overview of the theses for founding Tahzoo and a road map for how we will continue to drive the company forward.  
It’s imperative that everyone in Tahzoo understand that the foundation of the company is predicated on the integration of Content Solutions and Data Solutions for the benefit of our clients. Frank Taylor’s Isidore application is a great example of the type of solutions we need to be developing and promoting to our clients. Here is the link to the video, please enjoy! 
Let’s go be great!