Desk of Brad


Introducing Tahzoo

Hi Everyone, I had to write an introductory letter to a prospective client/partner of Tahzoo this week. For today’s DOB,

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Looking Forward

Hi Everyone, I want to share with you a DOB from early 2015 with a few additions. Our vision still rings true

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Digging In

Hi Everyone, Digging into the work. You always know who is pulling their weight and who is committed on your team.

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What is Tahzoo?

Hi Everyone, Have you ever walked into a grocery store and asked yourself why some products seem to be in the

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Quality Work

Hi Everyone, I’ve never faulted someone who gave their best effort. That’s not to say that I believe in participation

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Why Tahzoo?

Hi Everyone, One of the reasons I picked the name Tahzoo was because it didn’t mean anything, the way I figured

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